Friday, September 5, 2008

Whats for dinner?

Tonight for dinner we will be having broccoli cheese soup. Made in the crock pot Recipe from A Year of CrockPotting
I can't wait! We will be having half a loaf of french bread with it (we used the other half with the french onion soup we had the other day).

Tomorrow we will be having Mozzarella chicken
I've never made it before but it looks good.

On Sunday I plan on making Refried Beans (recipe from a year of crock potting again) and having beef bean and cheese burritos for dinner.

Earlier this week we had, French onion soup, (a year of crockpotting) It was very very good, super easy. And I have enough to make stew with it next week. We will definitely be having it again.

We had Roasted chicken legs from my other favorite cooking site,
Though I had to adjust it just a little, my kiddos aren't to hot on spicy :) so we used lemon pepper as the seasoning, That was an awesome meal.

Yesterday we had lasagna, Always yummy! So That is what we have had for dinner, or will be having for dinner. Now I just need to plan for next week.

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