Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shake Your Sillies out

You've got to clap clap clap your crazies out

Jump jump jump your jiggles out

Yawn yawn yawn your sleepies out

and wiggle your waggles away!
LOVE the library!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying to get a picture

Of all 4 kiddos at once...
Lets say Challenging..
Alex is looking somewhere else in each and everypicture

Brianna and Caitlynn strike a pose!
Nathaniel makes faces
All I wanted was one picture...
I wanted to make prints to send away with Christmas cards
I don't even know where the unicorn came from....

poor unicorn
Please tell my what Alex is looking at!!! I can't figure it out!
Now Nathaniel too.... nooooooo!
This one isn't too bad
Here we go... This one.. I think I just need to write "happy holidays from the funny farm"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turtle Bread :)

Yup we did actually make the Turtle bread. And it is SUPER cute :) we will deffinatly be making this with the rolls to take to thanksgiving dinner :)

Fun at the library

Yesterday they had a "Children's choice party" at the library, in honor of election day. The kids had so much fun! First the librarian talked about what an election is, then read a book about voting. Then the kids got to do some crafts and vote on their favorite book, character, and author. My kiddos all choose to design their own book cover!

(ignore my hands and look at the hard at work 2 year old.. awwwww)
Picking out paper to add to her book
Very hard at work!
And yes Alex was there, he has this habit of disappearing from the camera...
In other news I checked out yet another cookbook from the library! It is Family fun: Cooking with kids.
It has SO many ideas from Breakfast to dinner and dessert. It also has some fun snack recipes, and ideas for school lunches! Today the girls and I made Black bean and salsa soup (though we put it all in the crock pot!) To have with it we are having turtle bread, It is SUPER cute :). I think if ours turns out as cute as the picture we will be making it again to take with us to Thanksgiving at my sister in laws house. Nathaniel found an Ice cream sandwich recipe he wants to make (made with 2 BIG cookies then cut into slices ). Alex has decided to help with the pumpkin pie yayyy! Yum.. Everything in this book looks yummy and like fun :) check it out for your kids!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Who wants some pumpkin?

You remember our pumpkin...
Yes that HUGE thing sitting on the table...
The one we got for $4 at Walmart...
The pumpkin that was almost as big as my 2 year old....
Well yesterday I decided to chop it up and cook and puree it....
Little did I know it was going to take 3.5 hours...
Yes that long...
I knew I was really in trouble when I filled the first stock pot and I was only a quarter of the way through the pumpkin.....
And here where the results...

after three hours of cooking...

Then I bagged it up, I got 21 bags of pumpkin puree...
Each bag has 2 cups of pumpkin....
Yes from one pumpkin I got 42 cups of pumpkin puree....
So like I said before ....
Who wants some pumpkin?????

Also anyone have any pumpkin recipes for me? I made pumpkin butter this morning, I will be making pumpkin muffins in just a bit...
Any thing else???
Help me!!!
Please?And in other news... I got next to no pictures of the kids on Halloween....
My Dear sweet husband offered to take the camera while I was chasing kids...
He then put it in his pocket... grrrrrrr...
So this is what I ended up with....
(but look you can see Alex now LOL)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween ... And sends me pumpkin recipes!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Magic time and some cookies :)

Last tuesday the library had a magic show/trick or treating/ halloween party So after school and a quick dinner we got everyone dressed and left.
Alex wouldn't be still that is the best picture I got of him...

But I love this one of Nathaniel.... I think he was dancing??
My pirate girls :)
And here is the super cool magic show.... and Look you can see my kiddos too!
Sort of LOL.

Then Brianna got a balloon animal. She loved it so much ... until she decided to untwist it.. then it looked like a worm so she popped it....

And in other news The girls and I have been reading the little house series and they LOVE it.. I found a cook book at the library the other day The my little house cookbook.
It is Sooooooo cute, It has super easy recipes like lemonaid (yum). Pancakes, sausage balls, and ma's best butter cookies. Well the other day Brianna and I made the lemonade and it was great.. And at the same time it was a recipe a 4 year old could make (LOVE IT). Then yesterday for dinner I told Brianna that She was cooking! We made sausage balls, corn bread, and mixed veggies... She was SO proud of herself! Well today we made Ma's Best butter cookies Yet anouther yummy successful recipe. I am putting this book on her wish list!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is on the way!

Yesterday we spent the morning running to Walmart to get the boys their Halloween costumes! Both choose GI-Joe costumes... don't ask me who they are supposed to be I'm not sure LOL.
While we were there the kids asked for a pumpkin.. We found a HUGE one in the $4 pumpkins and grabbed it up! Later at home I painted lines to split it into 4 sections, Then let the kids have at it creating their own Jack -o lantern.. Is is bad that I did this with washable paint so that after Halloween I can wash it off chop up the pumpkin and then make a whole bunch of pumpkin puree?.... Yum :)

Nathaniel's side

Yeah this thing is HUGE LOL.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My baby.. Can READ!!!

Ok so we have been working on it... and she has been "reading" for days now... But everyday it gets easier and easier. We add new sounds and she gets excited and it doesn't slow her down... so far 21 lessons in to Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons. She has learned the sounds for
m, s, a, e, t, r, d, i, th, and she learned c yesterday...
I was so happy I just had to video tape her today

BTW that is her reading yesterday and today's story... She is a reader! At 4 years 6 months old she is a reader... (oh and if anyone is interested I also used this same book with my boys who were also reading before kindergarten)

Excuse the messy hair we do our lessons before we get ready for the day LOL :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday Hubby had a day off so I took some time to shower and have a moment alone... When I got back downstairs I noticed someone had been in my creamer... and left pretty convincing evidence as to who that had been.....
Yup the little blue eyed angel with creamer all over her mouth... (and feet LOL)