Friday, September 26, 2008

Ravioli part 2

yay for movie night!!
And now onto the food!!!

... I made a mistake when I stacked up the ravioli's...I should have put them out on a cookie sheet in the fridge..Some of the noodles got a little gummy...and stuck to the others...Then I tried to take them apart...some of them ripped...well than I just said forget it...and plopped the pile of them stuck together in the pot of boiling water.. The ones that were stuck came apart while they were more tearing time I'm just throwing them in the pot!
OK so first you want to boil the ravioli's for about 10 min.
then drain...notice the pieces of ground beef, from the noodle i ripped open LOL
Then put back in the pot and add the extra meat from making the ravioli's and the rest of the jar of spaghetti sauce, let heat through
Then serve and enjoy! We topped ours with some mozzarella cheese. It was a very good meal That we all enjoyed...except for Alex... yeah he complained all through dinner...figures hehe
here is my 2 year old's plate

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