Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas And welcome to the scene of the crime....

Yes I think maybe
Yes this is exactly where the toy store threw up....or maybe Santa dropped his toy bag and it exploded ... Maybe... Or Maybe it is just a very fun Christmas for 4 very spoiled children!!!!!
Here is the one toy I have been excited about for months and months, and it hasn't disappointed The girls LOVE IT!!!
They have played and cooked and played some more
and played for hours.. together!!! It is AWESOME! And while they did the boys did this

Passed out.... they were tired
hahaha wake up buddy you have toys to play with

So in a nutshell that was Christmas... and my house still hasn't recovered... Trash day isn't until Wednesday's...So how was Christmas for everyone else??

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

It has been a little bit but I've been a little busy, ya know with christmas and all I have had no time to sit on the computer... heck I have had like to time for me...But that is another subject and it involves sleepless children and such LOL.. Well Christmas eve.. We always go to my aunt's house and do dinner and presents and get together and just enjoy everyones company and conversation before going home to frantically assemble presents and get ready for Santa's late night visit.
here is my mom and Caitlynn (since she said I couldn't add the picture of her and my dad :-P )

getting ready for presents!

future rock stars!!!!
Christmas is next!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Friday is the best day of the week, especially for my boys Friday is ice cream day Yayyy! (OK I really have nothing to go with that... I just wanted to let you know, so there... um yeah..)
OK, today has been a yuck rainy, cold nasty day... I mean it is December, where is our snow????
So I took the respite from the rain to take pictures of the girls getting ready to go and getting the boys at school.. it was funAll bundled up and ready to go!
And this is how our day looked
Hello my goofy girl
Yes I see you too.Now every day we go to the school a little early and meet with some other parents and their children, We all bring snacks to share (b/c well the kids are going to share regardless of whether we brought enough or not). And then the kids run around the cafeteria and play, it is fun :) and we have made quite a few good friend there.

getting a drink

Caitlynn deciding to leave... LOL. (don't worry she didn't really leave she was getting a book to look at )
hello baby
Now all bundled up again to wait for the boys to get out of class
Alex is always the first one out of class
Then Nathaniel
And they have to talk to their friends for a bit also
Then we head home

Yayyyy for Fridays!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Up late and waiting for daddy

Well It is almost 8:30 here and one little piggy is still wide awake. Caitlynn took a late nape so she will probably be up until 10. She was good though and laid quietly in her bed until I got everyone else to sleep. Then we came downstairs, All she wanted to do was look for daddy, lucky for her he should be home any min. now (and their will be much shouting and yelling and happiness).

She had just asked "where is dad?"
Darn that bright flash
looking for daddystill waiting

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aero garden 7

Ok I'm sorry but I think I'm obsessed with this thing... My plants are growing, My children are loving it... look just after 2 days!!!

Yeah sorry no pictures of the kids today, School got out early for rain and sleet and just nasty weather. Still waiting to see if school is closed tomorrow. And Caitlynn decided it was a good day to be naked....I can't share those pictures sorry. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aero garden day 5

Ok first let me say the Aero garden has been so much fun, I can not wait until it starts to grow flowers... In winter! Yayyy, I am really surprised at how well it is doing We have all been able to see growth in the plants every day! I know it doesn't look like much...but for 5 days and a person who generally kills plants...I'm loving this and so are the kiddos! Next I think we will try the salad kit! This is so much fun :).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas!

We are getting ready for Christmas here. Clearing toys and extra book out of the living room, Clearing clutter that has accumulated during the year. Deep cleaning all of our rooms. And counting down the days. So far the plans are, (hopefully) That Hubbies request to have Christmas eve off will go through. Then We will do Christmas eve at my aunts house, Come home and my mother in law and sister in law will be waiting for us. Get inside put the kids to bed, Then set out the presents Yayyyyy. Then I will probably be up super early b/c I get all giddy and happy and I want to see my kids open their presents! and I will start on breakfast. This year my MIL will be making half of her breakfast casserole and I will be making a sausage and french toast bake .
With that we will probably be having a big fruit salad. While all of that it cooking, I will be setting up Christmas dinner. I am going for easy this year, so I will be setting up some french onion soup in the Crockpot to cook all day. With that will will have sandwiches and salads. Yummy comfort food and easy too. Hubby is looking forward to Christmas dinner already!
Well I better get back to fun fun.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorating our pumpkin cakes!

OK I said before That the kids decorated their pumpkin cakes for dessert...and they did... And they loved it! Oh and the orange frosting... it was all I had LOL.
Here is Nathaniel hard at work
all done, (I heard "Yumm can I eat it now!")
Alex finished super fast and couldn't wait for the picture to be taken.

Brianna starting....Brianna asking for more frosting......I wonder why???
And now Caitlynn...Yes I put the frosting on for her, but she ever so gently placed each and every m&m on the drop of frosting...She loved it!
All done!

Presents, baking, and a golf ball?

Yesterday you saw some of the kids some of mine!! first up is the Aero Garden.. Yayy We are starting with the flowers... Brianna has asked all day long if she can watch it :)

Then I got a whole bunch of really cool cupcake pans so the girl and I made pumpkin bread
This one is really cool it makes a bunch of flower cupcakes in a basket... I decided just to make the flowers because to me they look like snowflakes sort of... and if i call them snowflakes the boys will eat them too!See... Well to me they look like snowflakes!

And here is a doll...I was really surprised with how much detail showed up on this one and the teddy bear!For dessert I let the kids each pick out one and decorate them with frosting and m&m's (will be posting about that a little later!)

Then the girls modeled some new outfits (excuse the hair, they had just gotten out of the bath)

And here is Nathaniel doing his homework...on a skateboard....I didn't ask, he did his homework so I'm happy!... (bet your wondering whats up with the golf ball.....)Here is Alex enjoying a snack after school... see the lovely bump on his forehead... guess who fell down in gym this morning at 10 am...and it still looks like that.....poor baby
He says he is fine though...And at the moment he is asleep in bed...It does look awful though... poor guy.