Sunday, August 31, 2008

plans for today

Today I have planed nothing...absolutely blissful nothing...All I plan on doing today is the normal cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and such that comes with having 4 kids. Playing and enjoying the last 2 days of summer. Watching cartoons eating popcorn, maybe we will make some ice cream. My grandmother gave me this wonderful device.

And oh my goodness is it wonderful. 20-30 min after you turn it on and you have yummy soft sweet frozen goodness. mmmmmmmmm.
Or pour in soda, or fruit punch, or lemon aid, or anything else you can think of and 20 min. later you have instant slushies, or slurpies or what have you. Yumm.

But yeah Nothing is set in stone..except that I am going to go hop in the shower in just a min. and nothing is planned...I will probably get the laundry done..and vacuum, I will defiantly be cooking something...sometime LOL, But today will be a day of enjoying summer for all that it's worth . And in a way we will be saying goodbye to Alexander's babyhood (it's a good thing he won't read this LOL) his time at home with mama and saying hello to the big boy he has become. Getting ready for the fun and excitement of the school year to come.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting ready

It's that time of year, school starts on Tuesday. Sighhh, I'm not ready, Nathaniel will be in the third grade this year, and Alexander will be starting kindergarten. And while I am excited for them I'm not really ready for them to grow up. I will probably spend the first week or so having panic attacks every time the phone rings thinking it is the school calling, I will spend every day waiting till time to go get them, (we live close enough to school that rain or shine we walk to bring them home from school). And we will probably get there insanely early everyday so that maybe we can catch a glimpse of them on the playground enjoying the day. I'm not sure what the girls and I will do at home everyday. But we will figure it out. I will be able to do more educational activities based on the girls levels...we will enjoy having girls time I am sure. And I will dread scheduling my day around school LOL. Well Thats it ...I hate school LOL...
As for our day is a dreary yucky day
So we have spent the day in our jammies, chilling watching movies and cartoons. Doing laundry and all that fun stuff hahaha. Enjoying the last weekend of summer vacation.

about me and my family

Well i guess a good place to start is with who I am. My name is Beth, I am 25 and mama to 4 wonderful kiddos. They are Nathaniel (8) Alexander (5) Brianna (3) and Caitlynn (1). I am a stay at home mama, and I am married to the absolute love of my life! Well that is who we are ...and pretty much I just want to keep this blog to journal our lives. More will come later, it is time for lunch.