Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We took a trip.

Well I wanted to say yesterday...then I realized it was midnight. So 2 days ago (Sunday) we went to the National Zoo in Washington DC. To celebrate Alexander's 6th birthday ( which isn't until the 19th) We planed this weeks in advance, Only for it to turn into the hottest dag gum day in September . But Nevertheless we still had fun :).
Bright and early on the metro! Yayyyy!

look way far in the back you can see the hubby, and me, my dad and Nathaniel and Caitlynn looking at something with my sister in law :).

Brianna Got up close and personal with a crocodile, really we just her watched get down on her knees and wave hello and talk to it...it was cute in a creepy, my babies talking to a crocodile sort of way.
And of course we saw, and smelled the elephants and hippos....yeah...Oh and they were showing a video of a elephant calf being born... Alex and Brianna stopped and watched it...The poor kids couldn't understand why the elephant was chained up (just the feet) they were sad for her...and grossed out by the birth LOL

And we saw sleeping pandas!!! so cute. And did I mention we were HOT....by lunch time we were done at the zoo, so we said goodbye to my parents who headed home and took the metro to the Natural history museum...Where we should have gone from the very beginning...It Was air conditioned and fun, and we will be going back there again soon. I will have more pictures later today when I wake up! Goodnight :).

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