Thursday, September 18, 2008

The museum

Ok I know I promised this days ago...but well hubby is sick and happens.
Well here are some pics of our trip to the museum

First up was the giraffe, Now this was apparently one of only 2 animals Brianna wanted to see at the zoo...(the other was turtles)...Call me a bad mom for not knowing...But I didn't even know she liked giraffes that much.... hmmmm

Then we continued our journey through the hall of mammals... it was very cool
And then The part of the hall of mammals That only my kiddos could get excited about.... They also saw these animals at the zoo and were absolutely mesmerized...
Yes folks it is of the few animals we can see in our back yard... lol.
and continuing through the museum... To the part every one was super excited to see...
Dinosaurs!!! Of all the things that will bring children of all ages together, It is dinosaurs! Especially when this is the first thing you see.....
Then there where tons of awesome fossils you could feel, look closely at... and so on and so forth
And a huge lava rock
and a super cool mural on the wall That I wanted to get all the kids pictures in front of it...but they were done cooperating then LOL
and now so you don't think we just left her on the metro or is little Miss Caitlynn...

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