Monday, May 18, 2009

A dinosaur, curls, and a tree.

Tonight after dinner we pulled out a dinosaur excavation kit.. Took it outside because it was super messy!digging out a dinosaur! The kids just LOVE these things
The girls enjoyed playing with the rocks :)
busy busy
and then it got cold so we headed to the backyard.. Look progress
Putting some together
now Look at those curls... oh my goodness
It is Finished!!!!
Then the kids went exploring... and my only daredevil that I let out of arms reach shocked me....

He was so very proud of himself... didn't want to come down either :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What do you do on rainy days?

I talked my girls into letting me play with their hair again :)
Here is Caitlynn's .. I think it is super cute!
Brianna said hers looked like princess hair!
I think she likes it!
Caitlynn too!

Adventures outside..

Yesterday after we got home from school and put everything away we headed back outside to play...Yes with MORE ice :)

Then they were done with the ice and ran across the street to play
They were all busy :)
Then over to the "fort"... what imagination!
Oh and then they caught caterpillars... OK that was a little gross....
They had a great afternoon!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I got a real treat today the girls let me really play with their hair! Here is Caitlynn's .. I need to practice, the braids aren't exactly even .
And Brianna's
I thought it was cute :)
And it really made their hair look LONG...
I wonder if they would sit still long enough for me to learn how to do a French braid?
hahahahaha.. Probably not!

Playing with ice.

Today we got out some huge ice cubes and took them outside to play with, build things and see what ice does outside on a hot day!

This is our favorite hot day activity, I just fill up unused Tupperware with water, maybe a few drops of food coloring freeze and you have... well I guess the time you have to play depends on how hot it is outside :).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walking home with the boys.

I love it when Steve has a day off and it is a school day. Those days I get to go pick up the boys by myself. So I get a few minutes to recharge and I get to have a nice walk home with the boys!

The boys like that they almost always get a treat they normally wouldn't get if their sisters were there....

gum :)

Alex likes to stop and look at things
Blowing bubbles

oh... um... Don't ask....
Kidding it is just a toy.. so much for gum..

Alex generally dawdles.. I had to jog to get in front of Nathaniel. But we race, scare each other, tickle, play tag, run down the street and usually just be silly before we get home :). It is something we all look forward to..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

After a week of rain

The kids normal play space looked like this....

And the yard needed some gardening ....
Thanks to the rain we had TONS of clover popping up
So I got

Such a pretty bouquet!
Nathaniel playing ball

And I know picture of Alex are missing... He wasn't feeling well and choose to stay inside.