Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And it was a great day.

Well I guess yesterday was a good day.
When I picked up Alex the first thing out of his mouth was "Mommy did you know we have 2 teachers!!! 2 teacher!! Mrs. R and and well I forgot her name but she read us a story" Asking if he made any friends was also interesting.. "Yes I made friends but...umm I forgot their names..Oh and one of my friends has a dog...named uh something i forgot" And when Asked what he did yesterday "Well we went to gym and got to jump all over the place". And his favorite part of the day .......Snack time...LOL

Nathaniel First thing told me "I didn't talk at all! All day long!". I bet you can't guess what we had an issue with Last year. He also enjoyed going to library and picking out a new captain underpants book to read. He says he made lots of friends and was tired :).

This morning I walked the boys over again, I got a quick hug from Nathaniel and he scurried away, in with a group of friends he saw. Then Alexander, my little boy who is to big for his britches, didn't want me to walk him into the school...Not even up to the door... He just said "Mommmm I'm big enough let me go with Nathaniel" Sighhhh...So we shall see how today goes! The girls and I are watching Alice in wonderland...We may make some cookies later. We shall see

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