Monday, September 1, 2008

And all is quiet

It is 7:45 and all four of my punks are in bed. Sigh...What did we do today.. Not much Woke the kids up early (practice for tomorrow LOL). Had Breakfast, played and did random art projects, Put the baby down for a nap. Had lunch and did more of the same while dinner was cooking in the crock pot. Had some quiet time, then let the boys play Wii, one hour each. Then we made trail mix for the boys to have as a snack at school tomorrow. Raisins, Dry cereal, Goldfish, animal crackers, some mixed nuts, and a pinch of Andes mint baking pieces (yeah I know but I was out of m & m's and chocolate chips LOL). Basically I lined everything up and they made their own.. Then we made ice cream... Strawberry with pieces of the brownies I made yesterday mixed in yum. Then we sat down to dinner, chicken soup and croissants(they were all i had in the fridge LOL). After dinner we cleaned and vacuumed the living room. Nathaniel wrote in his journal for 30 min. while Alex read out loud. And then finally we watched 2 cartoons, a little ice cream, then at 7 o clock it was time for bed, The girls in the bath, Alex in the shower (Nathaniel showers in the morning) and all asleep by 7:45.. Now I get to have quiet time until the hubby gets home, and that won't be until 9:45 at the earliest yayyyy

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