Sunday, September 7, 2008

What did we eat yesterday?

Well first off we had the mozzarella chicken for dinner
...This was an interesting dinner to make. Because, well as I have said before I don't like wine...I don't like the way it smells tastes, anything...I have never cooked with it until last week when we made French onion soup. When I made that I realized, Hey!! I like cooking with wine! So I found this yummy looking recipe With a butter garlic wine sauce and decided to make it.. Well first things first I made some seasoned bread crumbs , because I didn't have any. I threw 4 pieces of toast, a couple of shakes of Parmesan cheese, some basil and Italian seasoning, and some oregano (I never measure anything LOL) into a blender, and pulverized it :). Then I made up the little chicken packages, they looked awesome. Then it was time to simmer the garlic butter and wine together......It started fine....and then I smelled it...The hot wine smell...Oh my, It was the most awful thing I have ever smelled, (aside from hot mulled wine ewwwww) I was half tempted to throw out the sauce right then and there, And I came pretty darn close to doing just that...But then I decided that I would just put that sauce on a few pieces of chicken, enough for us all to try, The rest I put into another baking dish and used spaghetti sauce on :). I had to have a "safe" back up plan. Ok well in the next 45 min. My house started to smell AMAZING.. Just wonderful, really. Then it was time to eat. I was nervous, and scared but decided I was going to taste the wine sauced chicken first...To my surprise it was good, I mean really good....OMG was it good, The sauce ended up tasting like shrimp scampi sauce...though it could have used a bit more garlic, it was still really good....Alex didn't like it....Alex Didn't like it in the spaghetti sauce either...Though from now on That is the ONLY way I will make chicken Parmesan.. It was good too. But the wine sauce was to die for!

Then for dessert... Brownies, cooked in the coffee mugs....topped with....Apple pie a la mode ice cream
They were awesome
Here they are cooking

And the ice cream makingAnd it is all done
Can't forget the ice cream
And that is what we had for dinner and dessert yesterday...and it was good!

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