Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life's a cupcake :)

Well yesterday was just another in a string of rainy yucky days. The morning was ok, We headed out to the library for preschool story time.
Yesterday they learned about P, and picnics.
They all got instruments and marched around a picnic basket.
They learned how to say picnic and cookie in sign language.I sortof like Wednesdays better.. There are fewer kids there.. and sometimes the girls get a little overwhelmed in such a big group of kids.
Then yesterday evening we made cupcakes for dessert.
The kids decorated their own.

I swear I took picture of the girls too but the pictures didn't turn out right LOL.Yumm!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today I had planed a post about boring hot summer days filled with popsicles, lemonade, playing in the dirt. (My kids like looking for fossils). Instead yesterday evening after I walked some laps around our little street we saw a hot air balloon being inflated, pretty much in our back yard...

The kids sat and where enthralled with it... I was too, who wouldn't bee watching them inflate such a big balloon. Then the take off.. and if you watch closely you can see inside the balloon. It is a cool sight.

It leaves my kids speechless every time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

long time no see..

well after quite a while our computer is up and running again.
During which most of the summer has passed.
We have gone on vacation to my parents house for the fourth of July. The kids have made several trips to my mother in laws house. We spent a week at my father in laws house, some of that time was also spent at their lake house Where we spent most of the time swimming in the lake, going of boat rides, the kids went tubing and got to ride on jet skis (Caitlynn too and she LOVED it). Nathaniel spent some time there using a kayak. He LOVED it and really looked like a pro. Then the boys spent an extra week there and Brianna spent a week with my sister in law.
Then Nathaniel, Alex, and Brianna went with my mother in law and her sister to bush gardens and the beach. I was surprised to hear that all the kids went on every ride they were big enough for. And for Nathaniel that meant every single roller coaster :).
In the meantime we have filled our days with trips to the library, Every tues. and wed. our library has preschool story time. The girls LOVE it. The learn about a letter and a subject each week. This week it was Aa Animal, They read stories about the subject, Sing songs, and lear a word or 2 in sign language that goes along with one of the books they read. This week one of the books was " Ducks don't wear socks" so they learned how to say socks and shoes in sign language.
Needless to say our summer has been very very busy. But very fun! And I am happy that I can start updating here again on all the fun stuff we do!