Friday, September 12, 2008

Alex has friends

But he doesn't know their names. Everyday when I pick him up from school he meets me happily with stories of what his friend did in class, or at recess, and so on and so forth. When asked what their names are, he will just shrug his shoulders and say "I forgot", unless it is Jaiden whom he talks about all the time. Yesterday as we were leaving there was a little girl playing basket ball at the playground. Alex proceeded to point at her and proclaim (very loudly) "Mommy!!! That girl is in my class" so I asked him what her name was. He said..."um uh, i forgot, let me go ask" and of he ran, He went to the girl and asked what her name was...she replied "Melody"..To that he says "no it's not......That is not you name.....wait you're to big to be in my class"....Then he turned around and saw another girl on the slide... And he says....." Mommyy!!! That is the girl in my class!!!!" and then he ran over to the other girl and asked her name.. She replied "Brooke"... He looked at her and said...."you are in my class right??" when she said yes he was visibly relieved and brought her over so I could meet her. All the while The girls mother and I are trying hard to stifle giggles
The 2 little girls are sisters and other than the fact that Melody was about 4 inches taller they really did look alike. Then as we left Brooke insisted on hugging Alex goodbye. It was very cute and I wish I had my camera then :)

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