Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday was um...

Well it was interesting. I got to the school to pick up the kids, and was met by Alex who was sobbing, choking on his words, and just so upset that he literally almost threw up. Come to find out, his class was having issues, they were talkative and not following directions. (The parent here wants to say Yes of course they are 5 and 6, what exactly do you want??) Well according to the paper that was sent home because of this they did not get ice cream on Friday. Now They only get ice cream once a week, So this is a really big thing to most students, especially kindergartner's. Add to that and Friday was Alex's birthday, and That just makes it 3 times as bad (at least in the eyes of Alex). So I am trying to bite my tongue...I can't say I agree with the teachers decision, her punishment, but I wasn't there in class I don't "know" what happened exactly... So we shall see how it goes from here.
Well after Calming him down we went to play on the playground, Where I planned on taking tons of pictures but as soon as I took just one or two pictures of each of the kiddos the batteries in my Camera died....

happy Birthday buddy.

Yup Caitlynn walks up steps now...
run and play!!!
He is looking at something.... Your guess is as good as mine.

Helpppp the big blue tube is eating me!!!!

Then we left to late in the afternoon, went home and made dinner, Opened presents, ate cupcakes, and played with toys... It was an OK afternoon...not sure about the beginning.

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