Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At 6 am

Caitlynn is the one who gets up first just about everyday, she is my companion while I grab my morning coffee. She just likes to play by herself for a moment before her siblings wake up, and the 2 I babysit show up :).  She doesn't always play with "toys". Today it was pencils....(unsharpened).

As I was drinking my coffee I heard her singing and had to try to get a photo...
She was singing "Everyday, all day, everyday we work together"
Appearently pencils are team players!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What the girls did while the boys were at camp!

They set up obstacle courses
They played in our neighbors pool..
(I think we need to get one of these!)
 Mommy played with the settings on her camera
They looked for BUGS
and played with them...
And just watched them too. All in all they had a very good time!!!

Garden Time again!!!!!!!

Our Garden... Where to start really by now it should be a pile of brown sticks with what was my luck... But defying my horride luck with all things green it is still growing and thriving!

We even have TWO watermelons growing!!!!!!

And more tomatoes!
Cabbage still looks like cabbage!
Cauliflower!!!!!!!!!! (finally!)

We have harvested our broccoli twice already and it is still at it!!!
and we have our first cucumber!!!!!!!!
Though by the looks of it we will have many more to come!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Here's my Garden!

Ok so I have been a ignoring/neglecting my blog again... But what can I say summer is here and the kids want to be busy busy busy! So I forgot to show everyone our garden last week but let me say it is bigger than ever!

Carrots are growing huge... We attempted to pick one today..

Even though it was a bit small it was tasty!
Yayyy tomatoes! 
Our watermelon is flowering!
Blueberries are healthy!
We have some baby cucumbers hidden under there

Broccoli is growing again!!!!
I'm not sure about the Cauliflower.. It is huge but not growing anything yet... We shall see right?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

End of the school year, start of summer!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the end of our school year, and for the kids the BEST part of the year has begun! It is summer and for them that means weekly trips to the library, Trips to the playground, Picnic lunches, and that they can play video games during the week!!! For me yesterday was bitter sweet. Next school year Brianna will be starting in kindergarten, and that makes me sad. I am sure she will do wonderfully, but part of me is wondering just where the time has gone. This summer is already promising to be busy. Along with the library trips, playground and picnic lunches I will be babysitting 3 days a week. The kids are sooooo excited to see their friends again! The boys will be going to a science and inventions day camp with my sister in law. And that is probably just the beginning.
Yesterday I packed a BUNCH of snacks and after the boys got out of school we hung out at the playground for several hours. Playing and saying goodbye to friends, exchanging phone numbers and promising to keep in touch.
Playing basketball too :)

Then when we got home I got to look through their backpacks and I got to see the poems Nathaniel wrote in class... I definitely have a favorite! He said I could share it here too.
A Glob From Man-Hob : By Nathaniel

There once was a glob from Man-Hob
All the while he hoped to be named Bob
So he went to a name changer rat
And when he did he was hit with a bat
That was the glob from Man-Hob

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our garden is blooming!

We have had a great week here for our garden, nice and warm during the day with a nice rainy evenings. The plants are loving it..

We have flowers on our cucumber plants
Our Broccoli has been harvested for the first time
It was yummy :)

We have flowers on our tomato plant and our first itty bitty tiny tomato growing!

We have our first flower bud on the tomato plants we started from seeds
Our watermelon plants are starting to get vines! I hope they start to flower soon!!

and our blueberry bushes are still looking healthy!
Thank you to the makers of Miracle Grow... With out you all my plants would probably be dead!!