Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's a House party!

A while back I joined this site
What an awesome site, you apply to host parties and if you are chosen to host they send you a free party pack to make the party happen!
Well imagine my children's joy, happiness and utter excitement when they found out we were getting to have a cartoon network, star wars The clone wars party! Oh they have been ecstatic for weeks. And weeks ago I got our party pack, That was hard keeping hidden, It contained a light saber, an awesome plastic sculpted mask, lots of paper masks (that are really quite sturdy), balloons, glow sticks, posters, temporary tattoos, and stickers. Oh and a reusable tote bag with yoda on it, and the DVD with the first episode of The new cartoon network show Star Wars the Clone wars. Last night our party happened!

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