Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexander!

Alexander ... Wow he is turning 7 tomorrow. I can not believe the time has gone so quick. It seems that just the other day he was starting kindergarten but now here he is a big first grader. It doesn't seem possible that a year has gone by. Though it also seems like just the other day he was my teeny tiny toddler. wow... Really that is all the words I have for now :)

Now for the cake, Alex bounced between ideas for cakes He wanted a pokeball cake (which he had pokeball cupcakes last year) he wanted me to make it specific pokemon.. which is something beyond my skill LOL. He wanted ben 10, Zelda and so on and so forth. But he also LOVES Super Mario Brothers So I decided this year he will get a surprise cake! I found some pictures I KNOW i could make, and went to work....

I think he will be happy! (btw he hasn't seen it yet LOL)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing outside and splashing in puddles....

This morning Hubby had to go to training so It was my job to get all the kids up and dressed and out the door to get the boys to school. Normally when this happens we plan an early wake up get everything ready and head to the school 30 min. early so the kids can play on the playground (and so that we miss the horrible traffic between here and there. This morning though it decided to be so dreary.. and it rained.... but the kids still had a good time :)Hiding :)

Just what every mom wants to see, her kids climbing on wet metal bars....
I'm a little airplane!
"watch me!!!!" That is what I heard for the 30 min.we were playing
And here is Alex being a goof

Then on the way home the girls couldn't resist the draw of the puddles!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school!!!!

Ok the boys were aggravating yesterday.. They were being goofy.. They really didn't want their pictures taken

yes... SEE!!!!
Oh here is another example...but the BEST example is next...
Yeah... Those are my boys... Ready for the first day of school LOL.
Then the girls.. We got ready to go get the boys They were sooooo excited
(Oh and they had cookies)
For dinner we made "pasta bowls" like at dominos... It was yummy and gave leftover past a new life :). We made 5, 3 were chicken and penne with a pesto sauce, 2 were chicken alfredo with homemade noodles.
Then after dinner we went outside with some ice cream.

I now know how to get better pictures... give them ice cream!

The boys had a great day at school yesterday, both of them like their teachers, neither of them got in trouble :) They were very happy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

playing at the playground

OK I get MUCH better pictures when I'm not trying too... Yesterday after trying to get good pictures, I just chased the kids around the playground with my camera. I came home with 160 pictures. Some are better than other but what can you do?
He was seriously not happy that I had the camera out LOL

Brianna is into posing you don't catch her by surprise, This is what you get....

Not sure why Alex decided to climb up there...
Brianna kept saying... "put down the camera and help me!!!!"

It's a train!
Peek a Boo

Time for a drink
posing again

Well I ended up with better pictures on the play ground I think.. But then there are days That I'm NOT trying and I get a picture like this.....
When I just grabbed the camera because the girls were being cute..... I'm not sure why she looked at me like that But I'm in love with this picture :).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photo shoot ... really????...

So I took the kids out today to the playground at the school.. I wanted to "try" and get some nice pictures of them before school starts... Yeah "try" is the right word here.. I came home with wayyyyy to many pictures and not many good ones LOL. I did get a few though.
Alex was really not happy about getting his picture taken
Nor was Nathaniel

He did eventually cooperate though

Brianna was acting goofy the whole time

I really really like this one
Caitlynn... yeah ... she is 2
Then I tried a group shot..
and I failed LOL
Though I do like this one.... well maybe another day :)