Monday, March 28, 2011

R r R r R r....... and Random..

Last week was a rainy yucky mess, Yay Spring! :)

So we worked on Rr for the week
First we made Rain.
We made the umbrella out of a coffee filter that they "painted" with food coloring in a bit of water. For the rain they ripped blue tissue paper and crumpled it up.. Totally easy!
Then we made a rainbow rabbit... and it took the nose with pipe cleaners several applications of glue and several DAYS to dry... If I had known it was going to take that long I would have left out the pipe cleaners!

And for our last project of the week we made a Rocket.

Every morning they write their names thanks to This page at
This week I added in numbers... We started with number 1 today! 

And on a totally random note... I got a huge box of random goodies from my grandmother. Tons of cake decorating items that I can not wait to try out! 
She sent a BUNCH of sprinkles which is really awesome because I have a spice rack that I am in LOVE with, but I rarely ever use for spices... In fact the spices in them had gotten old so I tossed them around Christmas with the thought that I would fill the jars up with different sprinkles. Well I never got around to buying more that one package of rainbow colored jimmies and my spice rack just looked sad.. Now that it is mostly full it is a much happier thing!

 Makes me want to have a cupcake decorating party now!

She also sent the most awesome cake pan ever! 
An orange, pineapple upside down cake pan! yay!
So of course this weekend I HAD to make pineapple upside down cake
Lets just say it didn't last very long!!!
Thank you Grandma!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ss is for Spring!

Last week we worked on the letter Ss here. So First off we started with
Seeds (I was bad last week and didn't take any pictures of them planting them but just one week later and our flowers are sprouting ) First the girls painted the pots then they got to play with dirt and plant the seeds!
Then a Snake
And last but not least we did some fun finger painting and gluing to make a Shamrock
and our house is filling up with art!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A B C D E F G H!

Two weeks ago we worked on Hh. I am Slacking on or alphabet! LOL
First we made a Hat
Then a House on a hill. This was So much  fun! I made colored rice for the girls to fill in the picture, It was messy but a lot easier to clean than glitter!
If you would like to make your own colored rice I got the recipe from E-how .
Then We made a Hot air balloon with our Hand print!

And after working on H for a week Apparently Caitlynn decided it was time for a Haircut. 
I wasn't thrilled with cutting her hair, but she didn't leave us much choice and cut it herself.
But I AM thrilled with the results!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy 11th Nathaniel

On Friday my oldest celebrated his 11th birthday!
I think he had a Wonderful day/weekend!!!
First thing in the AM was presents!!!!!! He got a TON of action figures  (pokemon, bakugaun etc. )
Oh and Phineas and Ferb!

A dominion race course thing!
Then from grandpa Jeff(well first he got a desk... but we have to clean his room and put it together still LOL)

 And a digital video camera!!!!!!!!

I almost felt bad... When he opened the box I think for a split second he thought it was a cell phone LOL!
But once he got home from school it was all camera all weekend!!

 And we have been treated to little gems from him, like This video from a restaurant... When I didn't even know he had it on LOL.

Then it was Cake time

hmmm? Super Nathaniel, or Nathaniel Man, That is the question!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm so glad yesterday was nice!

Because we took advantage of it! We walked over to the playground and spent a good 2 hours there. I love this playground because there is a track right next to it so while the kids got to run around I walked 2 miles on the track! Woohoo :).
I also happened to get some pretty cute pictures!
By the way, maybe it wasn't my smartest decision to go to the park with no jackets, it was 60 degrees out but the wind was pretty chilly.
They had a good day regardless
You've gotta love watching a big brother play with his sister <3
And you are never to big to play on the playground
Trying to get a group shot of 4 kids is always fun!
I do happen to love just how much you can tell they were having fun.
But I did manage to get just one picture of them all looking at the camera.. It's not a perfect picture, but it is fun and shows (I think) that they had a great day!
Yup those are my wild and crazy kids, And like I said I am really glad that yesterday was a good day because today is raining and gross with no signs of letting up!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big B little b what begins with B?

Yes we worked on Bb this week. First was a Bumble Bee on monday
Tuesday was a Blue Bird house (with Blue bird).
Wednesday was a Big Beautiful butterfly made with hand prints!
If you look closely at Caitlynn's (bottom) she decorated the wings with lowercase b's <3
Nothing terribly exciting just lots and lots of learning!