Monday, May 31, 2010

A walk in nature : picture overload!

My boys go on a nature walk at school every year, They decided it would be soooo much fun to take their sisters and mom on one!
We live right by their school so this morning after breakfast and an ample supply of sunscreen we were off.

The paths were easy to find and nice and cool in the woods! Nathaniel had to point out the poison ivy to us.
This was the only real wildlife we saw aside from birds :)

A really nice podium and bench area on the path.
We then went in search of another path.. Then we saw that sign... We considered going down that path... Then we saw someone walking our way so we continued on our merry way... We came back to the sign later..
Down that little road we found a huge field we have never seen before
There were no less than 6 soccer goals... we will definitely be going back
Then we wound our way back up to the playground
It was HOT
After the kids had sufficiently wilted in the sun we headed back to where the sign was
check it out...
OK so we read the sign... looked around.. there was no one there so we went... Yeah I'm bad  :) Luckily we didn't get in trouble/caught....
It was a really nice trail... I didn't let the kids move anything or disturb any of the wild life.
Poor Caitlynn was really getting tired
When we were almost done we found a map :)
And we are out!
We saw the railroad tracks
And then home.. Where we went in and collapsed! It was so much fun and if we don't see anyone around I'm pretty sure we will be walking the trail again this summer!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok so I have good intentions and I mean to update on fridays... But Fridays get busy and before you know it it is sunday. So here I am to show you my Garden on this fine fine sunday :). First up cucumbers, I can't wait till they are flowering and growing yummy cucumbers for us!
Our broccolli.. now tell me that doesn't look just yummy!
I have no clue when the cauliflower will start to grow some veggies but the leaves are growing HUGE
Carrots on to then cabbage and a tomatoe plant with 3 little bitty flowers :)
Three more pots of tomato plants!
watermelon Yayyyyy!
And blueberries!
I hope you enjoyed a peek at our garden!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This week from the library the girls checked out 2 of our favorite kids books. Chicka chicka book boom, and Chicka Chicka 123.
I got this great idea to make this an interactive book for them. First I cut out the tree's then I made small cards and put the alphabet and numbers on them. First up ....

It took some work for them to take turns LOL
They did eventually though
Next up
I didn't get as many pictures Caitlynn needed to ask what every letter was.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! After I did all of this while I was searching google for picture of the books You will never believe what I found.....

Yup I am not brilliant I just unwittingly steal ideas from toy companies LOL.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What to do on a rainy Sunday

While listening to my boys play game boy the girls started bickering so I called them into the kitchen to make cupcakes!!!
Nothing fancy just a box mix we had in the pantry

It's not baking if you don't get to lick the spoon bowl. :). 
Nothing fancy with the decorations just something cheerful

Yummy. So what do you do to keep your kids from bickering???

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The source of my allergies...

Ok for a week or so now I have been suffering from seasonal allergies. Really really bad. The drainage, stuffy nose, sore throat.. All of it. It got bad enough I wasn't sure if I was sick or just allergies. After a few days of allergy med.s though I am up and running and back to normal! Though I think I have found the source and reason for my allergies... check it out..

mmmmhhhmmm. The girls have been picking beautiful bouquets of flowers everyday...

and they bring them home and set them up on the kitchen table 
Hmmm... I wonder just how I can get them to stop bringing them home??? Any ideas??

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Garden!

So it is friday again and time to update on the veggie growing around here...First up cucumbers! I can't wait to see some flowers!
Next is Broccoli and I can't wait till we can harvest it!!!
Cauliflower isn't doing to much just growing huge
Then we have Carrots cabbage and our tomato plant. I saw 3 buds on our tomato plant today!!!
Then our tomato plants that we started from seeds... They still have some growing to do!

Then we have blueberry bushes and watermelon :)
Last but not least our bean plants!!!
Last night we harvested some of the beans! They are in the freezer waiting for some more beans to grow

How are your gardens growing???