Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random bloggings...

Ok yesterday I was slacking. I had a blog to post It was ready (in my mind at least). Then I decided I would much rather watch Lost... You see we put pictures on the desktop and that is in the kitchen, I could have updated from the netbook... But it would have looked really weird without any pictures...

Ok. So on with the post..Monday we spent a bit of time learning about Brianna's FAVORITE animals, Giraffes! Did you know Giraffes grow to be about 18 feet tall! That is about 3 daddies with maybe Caitlynn on top! Did you know their tongues can be 18 inches long, That is as long as Brianna's American girl doll! Did you know that they can have up to 5 horns! Giraffes are awesome!Check it out she wrote giraffe and Brianna!
Caitlynn learning too!
Tuesday we went to the library for story time!
She was saying a poem they say at the beginning of every story time... You hold your hands closed like a book...
and say
"This is my book,
I open it wide,
To see the words that are inside,
This is my book,
I open it wide to see the pictures that are inside"

This week The theme was "things that go" The letter they worked on was Tt, train The craft they did was a train picture. It was awesome!
I really need to stop trying to be artsy! LOL
Then I went to go get the boys... I got some good pictures of Nathaniel
run away little boy!!!! hahahahaha

Then I aggravated Alex and he became the boy with no eye's! hahahahaha... He would be SO mad to know I was making fun of him :).

He can never stay mad for long though...


VaBookworm87 said...

Hi! I'm visiting from SITS :o) I love giraffes too! We're planning a trip to Disney World and I tried to persuade my parents that we need to stay in the Animal Kingdom Villas because they're in the middle of a reserve with 40+ animal species running around freely! They have a photo of a giraffe standing outside someone's window! Unfortunately it's a tad expensive... but it would be so awesome! I need to go to the zoo...

Yankee Girl said...

I love seeing little kids sit on their knees. The view from behind is so darn cute!