Monday, March 15, 2010

It's time for a party!!!

This Saturday my parents came over to split our cow! Oh and to celebrate the 3 birthdays, Caitlynn's which was Feb. 17th, Nathaniel's which is in 3 days... on the 18th...sigh.. And Brianna's which is coming up on April 14th.
Caitlynn Got a bunch of fun stuff a my little pony coloring book that is fabric and you color with washable markers then mommy gets to wash it and she can color it over and over! A new dolly and me dress, dress up jewelry, nail polish, and 3 new elephant and piggie books which she carries around asking people to read to her (and she has memorized quite a bit of each of them and reads them to herself and her dollies and  stuffed doggies!).
Brianna got some new cool workbooks(which she has worked on quite a bit today),  play jewelery, and nail polish a dollie and me dress, and what she was most excited about her very own MP3 player! We have added all of our disney, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers (read all hip pop songs for little girls) Then all of our Raffie and assorted kids music. Then a couple Queen, Aerosmith, and The Doors songs! She has varied tastes in music! I love it! She has listened and shared willingly with all of her siblings :)
Nathaniel received the gift I was probably most excited for him receive... He got a Sony Reader Digital book of his very own! He is a HUGE reader (as are hubby and I). I don't think he has set it down for long since it was charged and we put books on it! For his birthday Hubby and I have $30 for him to spend on any books he would like at the Sony Library!! Yayyyy! I am interested in seeing what he picks out! He already has on it the first book in the Maximum Ride series, The golden compass books, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, And my kids favorite classic... Beowulf... don't ask.. ok I have read it to them all.. They love it... The one book kids force their way through for English class in 12th grade and my kids love it understand it and just devour.. We are a weird family ok LOL.

Well after presents and filling the freezer we packed up and headed over to the mall to get the girl's 3rd and 5th birthday portraits.. We went to Sears and WOW is all I have to say! Check out some of my favorite shots!

They are becoming little ladies :) I just can't believe it!


Helene said...

It sounds like you all had such a fun time celebrating the birthdays!

The Sears pictures came out beautifully...they look adorable!!! My Sears pictures have never come out as well as yours did!! My kids were always crying!

The Insatiable Host said...

hey there, im stopping in from sits...great pictures...i love the american girls!!! super cute!


Unknown said...

These pics are really cute! Love the matching dolly outfits!