Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's just so Blah outside!

Today is is just sooo Blah outside Lucky for the girls and I we got a package in the mail!! Yayyy.
Last week I placed an order at They have some awesome prices on a lot of things but what caught my eye and made me order was the closeout section. One of the item in their closeout section is a 1 lb bag of imperfect headbands (approx 100 pieces per lb.) for $4.... I couldn't resist Then I added to my cart 1 dz. assorted crystal flower clips, and 1 dz. assorted butterfly hair clips. Well we got the package today and I am sooooo happy with what we got! So many things to play with!!

This is what was with our headbands, I was surprised some had bows or flowers on them, we also got a few extra bows in the bag. And the flowers, they are so cute, the girls love them :) and I know the pic only shows 11, one of the girls ran off with one LOL.
Pretty butterflies
And now trying out some new hair things!
I love this one :)

and this one is her favorite LOL

pretty flower :)... check out Caitlynn she was playing while I did Brianna's hair
Sweet girls :)
Caitlynn's turn
This is her favorite it is a light purple headband with a purple and white polka dotted bow

This one is funny... it is almost as big as her head LOL :)
butterflies ;)

They also have a section called "Real insect jewelry" I knew the boys would love them.... ewwww Well they have them a dozen for $18 at any other store they are always $5-$7 a piece... my boys always want them but never get them... So I bought a dozen bracelets.. I am going to give Nathaniel 2 for his birthday and keep the rest as rewards and such maybe boy birthday presents if the boys get invited...yeah but these things are soooooo gross.....

The boys are going to LOVE them.

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