Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walking to the school...

Lately walking to the school has been a calm enjoyable experience as Caitlynn is learning to hold hands and not pull away, Brianna is calming down on the temper tantrums and I am learning to slow down and enjoy walking at the girls pace.

Yesterday as we were walking the girls were picking up leaves and looking at them, Brianna found one that was full of holes.. So I asked her

"Brianna Can you tell me what you think happened to that leaf?"

Brianna: "hmmm... I bet something ate it up!"

Me: "what do you think ate it?"

Brianna: "Maybe a lady bug?"

Me: " Good guess.. But Lady bugs eat tiny little bugs."

Brianna: " Hmmm maybe a Caterpillar.. or a beetle!"

Me: " Yup those bugs eat leaves! Can we think of other animals that eat leaves?"

Caitlynn: " Lions!"

Me : "nope lions eat meat"

Brianna : "Rhinoceroses "

Me: "yup"

Brianna: " Ohhhh and giraffes do to! They are my FAVORITE animal, Oh mommy where do giraffes live?"

Me: "Well They live in Africa and some live at the zoo."

Brianna: "Oh mommy I love giraffes they are soooo cute. For my Birthday I want to go to Africa and see giraffes!!!!!"

Me: "Um well honey.. I'm not sure we can go to Africa, but maybe we can talk to daddy and go to the zoo sometime soon..."

Brianna: "OK mommy..."

The poor girls was so sad... But Um, Yeah we aren't going to Africa LOL.

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