Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

Yesterday it was such a nice day out that the girls and I left the house 30 min early to go get the boys. We dawdled along and just took in the sunshine and fresh air. When we got to the school They were having a fire drill so we wandered along outside for a bit. In front of the school there are 2 garden statues, one of a fish and another of a little girl with a basket. My children have all decided at some point that the little girl is little red riding hood. I use these statues as story telling prompts getting the kids to tell me a story about one or both. Yesterday I asked Brianna to tell me the story of little red.

She responded with "I will tell you the story as well as I can recollect"

Me "excuse me? you will what??"

Brianna "I will tell you the story as well as I can recollect!"

Me "Brianna.... What does recollect mean?"

Brianna " It is a fancy way of saying remember!"

Me "Ok the tell me what you recollect!"

She went through the story, she has a pretty good grasp on it! She got to the end when the woodcutter comes to save little red and Caitlynn pipes up " and then the Super Readers saved the day!!!!!!!" If you have a toddler or preschooler who watches PBS and LOVES Super why you will so get it!

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Writing Without Periods! said...

Super Readers could safe the day.
Reading is so great for kids. What a good mom you are.