Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playing outside and planting seeds!

Yesterday was a semi nice day after a couple of rainy blah days, we ended up spending the majority of the day outside. First we went to the school playground for a picnic lunch with a friend... I left the camera at home, (I was afraid she would think I was weird for running around after my kids documenting their every move LOL). we left the house at 11:30 and didn't come home till 3:30.. Got home relaxed a bit then made dinner. After dinner we headed back outside until daddy got home at 7.

I'm really not sure why the stuffed animals came outside... But I just shrugged my shoulders and let the kids run.

Look at my daughter on the tricycle... She is The QUEEN of fashion...Yup..
I find it funny to see Caitlynn in skirts and dresses of her choosing she is turning into such a girly girl. I really thought she was going to be a little tomboy for a while.

dancing, she dances a lot... usually just to the music in her head :)

Anyone who saw my Christmas card post.. Look the unicorn is back!!!! Apparently he makes a FABULOUS dancing partner!

When we headed back inside the girls had to check on their beans.. (we have been watching some beans that we put in a wet paper towel in the window, apple seeds too but they haven't sprouted.)

We decided it was time to plant them... At this point they will probably die (thanks to me hahahahahah) but the girls have had fun watching them.)

poke a hole

plant a seed

add some water and watch it grow!