Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be green for spring

Today after cleaning the house and picking up about a million broken crayons I decided to do our favorite "green" activity with the girls. We recycled our old broken crayons and made some new pretty flower crayons for spring :).

First we removed the wrappers.. (well I did the girls tried and got frustrated)

Then they got to break the crayons that were to big and sort them by color(great activity for preschoolers!)
Yes I brushed her hair it was just a bad hair day! LOL
Caitlynn helped too!
Then we turned the oven on to about 250 degrees and watched them melt...
And waited and watched.. After they were melted I turned off the oven and let them cool and harden.
Then popped them out of the molds. and now instead of a million broken crayons we have some pretty cool flower crayons to use this spring!

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