Sunday, March 7, 2010

It is beautiful out!!!

And all the snow is gone!!! Yesterday we went on an adventure! Caitlynn choose North or south, she said north so we headed north and just drove. We ended up getting sort of lost for fun :). We sort of knew where we were but we had never been there before. While driving along Brianna suddenly shouted Look Mommy and Daddy A castle playground!!!! Sure enough there was this huge beautiful wooden playground! So of course we had to stop and play!(BTW I got lots of picture of Caitlynn because there were lots of people there and I was following her LOL)

I LOVE this picture :)
Climbing up
"I did it!!!"
I saw the boys like this alot
"shhhhhh I'm hiding"
sneaking away!
balance beam

run away from mommy!!!


Frantic Holly said...

Looks like the kids had a blast. We're still waiting for spring to really hit here although it was warmer this weekend.

mama of 4 said...

My kids are still waiting for it to be warm enough for T-shirts and dresses without pants underneath, but it was warm enough that they didn't have to wear a jacket and that was wonderful! :)

Unknown said...

That sounds so fun and spontaneous! I need to loosen up and not be so scheduled and rigid sometimes.

Unknown said...

I love her flower! And I LOVE that you got lost on purpose! How fun is that? : ) What a fun post. What a great park! We love castle parks! Isn't it so wonderful that Spring has come back again! said...

What a fun playground! My girls favorite memories include trips to the playgrounds we would find. Now I get to take my grandson to one!