Friday, March 26, 2010

I LOVE Aerogarden!

First I love my Aerogarden because I can grow things fresh herbs and veggies and not kill them... Seriously I have a black thumb I am death to plants. Having the Aerogarden make me feel competent. :). But yesterday just takes the cake. I was getting ready to set up the Aerogarden, we had just gotten some new light bulbs I was super excited! Then I pulled out the bulbs and one was broken... for half a second I was pissed, then I decided to call the customer service number. I called and it was a simple press one to place an order, press two for customer service. Then I was on hold, for maybe 2 minutes. They answered the phone and were extremely nice! I told them that I had just bought new bulbs and one had come in the package broken. They took my address and told me to expect new lights in about a week! I am so excited!!! And super pleased to have found some awesome customer service!
Thank you so much Aerogrow international !!!!


Mayra said...

I'll have to check that out. Finally someone with good customer service.

Thanks for having stopped by. Just became a new follower.

Your little girls are gorgeous. =D

Claire said...

I've always wondered about this. Maybe I'll check into it!! =0)

Anonymous said...

I have to check that out. I am bad when it comes to growing things.