Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day or um 3 late

So I'm just a little late posting this. But the weather has been to die for here. Just absolutely wonderful! Between stretches of spring cleaning we have spent all of our time outside!
Just saying :)

Nathaniel had a WONDERFUL birthday! He woke up to a pile of presents

He got a pile of presents!

We are dorks,hehehe. My husband has been trying to get the boys to like something other than pokemon... He now has them hooked on Dragonball Z... They love it (and they still love pokemon just as much LOL)
Final Fantasy for the DS!

Something to destroy... on purpose!

Real Bug bracelets!

A pogo stick!!!! 

An awesome castle lego set woooohooo!

He LOVED his cake... It was inspired by Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightening Thief. I couldn't find simple Greek symbols for the gods so around the edge I did the Greek symbols for the planets with a big lightening bolt in the middle! yay!. Then I let Nathaniel read the post I wrote just before his birthday.. He sniffed and just said "Thanks mom" :)

Ok I said we have been spring cleaning.... After the winter we had ... It was scary in here... really scary.... Our trash men are going to hate us on Wednesday... also I'm not sure if good will is going to be happy or scared... We have.. 8 bags of clothes.. 5 boxes of toys and 3 boxes of books just for goodwill.... YAY!!!!


Unknown said...

wow...that is a lot of loot! lucky birthday boy.
thanks for stopping by on saturday...i'm 3 days late too!
i am inspired to clean my closet now, after hearing what great purging success you had...i don't know whether to thank you or not :)

McVal said...

Happy Birthday to Nathaniel! Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday! said...

Stopping from SITS - happy belated bday Nathaniel! Looks like lots of great loot and a fab cake!

Alison said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! You have such cute children! Looks like your son had an awesome birthday!!

Irena said...

Happy Birthday to your dear son!

It looks like he had a blast:)