Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patricks day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I seem to have caught my little trick playing leprechaun.. She likes to run around with messy hair and hide hairbrushes with camera cords in lunch boxes in the play area! Ha so I hope Everyone else is able to catch their leprechauns today and as inspiration let me show you Alex's school project.. He had to make a simple trap to catch a 3 inch leprechaun who is wreaking havoc in their class room... I mean this little guy is eating their candy messing up toys. And NOT putting them away! (Gasp, shock, and horror)

Here is the box he covered with black construction paper to blend into the chalkboard on it he drew a leprechaun and wrote: Leprechaun, please come in the box, there is money in there .
I fixed the spelling for you :)
The inside of the box he painted some leprechauns, used lots of colors and taped down some shiny pennies. The penny roll we filled with some cotton so it "looks" like a whole roll of penny'sWhen all set up it looks like this... He figures when the leprechauns take the roll of pennies the box will shut and they will be safely caught inside! Wish him luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is too cute! I love it and will have to steal it for a project today.