Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hitting my head on the wall.....

Ok.. Say you had a 2 year old. Who up and potty trained herself. And said 2 year old hasn't had any accidents for 2 weeks, whether naked, clothed, in panties, or in a diaper.Awake or asleep (though she has only gone to bed in either a diaper or naked). So you decide to put panties jammies on her for bed last night...

Do you think she would

A) sleep through and stay dry

B) wake up use the potty and go back to bed

C) wake up get to the bathroom but not make it in time

D) wake up crying because she peed all over everything, including her new Minnie mouse jammies from her aunt..

If you choose D you are correct!
Yes it was a super fun night here.... I guess we won't be going anywhere without diapers for a while.. Sigh.

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