Tuesday, March 3, 2009

conversations from the dinner table..

Our table is fun, we have a lot of thoughtful, and serious discussions there. Like last night, The kids recently got to watch Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa. (Which they LOVED) The parts of it that I saw where very cute, but for most of it I was busy doing mom things (cleaning, doing dishes etc. etc.) Ok and back to the table now. During the movie some one says they put something together with "Grit, spit, and a WHOLE lot of Duct tape". This phrase has since been repeated ad-nauseum. Well yesterday the boys had some questions about it. Nathaniel asked what grit was.. Easy in that context it would be hard work. Everyone knew what spit was.. Then they asked what is duct tape? To which we replied really strong silver tape.. Then they asked.. Well what is duct tape made of?.. So Steve being silly says "well ducks of course" they thought about that for a few seconds and the Alex blurts out "Yeah rare ducks, silver ones!!!"
Yeah we are all about the serious discussions here!!!
(Next post will be about the museums I PROMISE!)

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