Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adventures in rock tumbling!

Rock tumbling / polishing.. A great way to teach your children patience . The process from start to finish thats 3 weeks 3 days and an over night run in detergent. Today marked the end of week one for us! So today the job was to wash the rocks.. See the changes so far. Put the rocks back in the tumbler for another week! Yay.Oh the big thing with this is you CAN NOT wash them in the sink, the grit used could damage your disposal!!!
ewwwww LOL
WOW!! they are looking better already!!
Hmmm... I think he is liking his Birthday present!
Very pretty!
Now that they are all cleaned up they go back in the tumbler
The fine grit is added for week #2
Water to cover the rocks
And back on the tumbler for another week
Next week we add the Pre-polish Yayyyy!!!

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