Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!

Wow where to start... Nathaniel my oldest little punk will be turning 9 tomorrow. I honestly have no idea how it happened I mean wasn't it just months ago that I brought him home from the hospital? And just weeks ago that I was super stressed about sending him off to kindergarten... Nope He is now in the third grade, giving me a run for my money. Being well... Just like me at that age. Not even just the unorganized messy part either...It's the attitude! LOL. Yes he is my mini me :). Except for his blue eyes.

Really though even though he is 8 going on 18 he is the greatest kid. He is always eager to help with his sisters (even if he isn't as eager to do his homework). He loves to help in the kitchen. He is a wonderful artist, with a vivid imagination. He LOVES to read, mostly comics but hey he is reading at a seventh grade level. He loves dinosaurs and pokemon equally. He makes friends easily and holds on to old friends dearly. He isn't afraid to stand up in front of his entire school and preform at the talent show. (Now that isn't me at ALL I would have chickened out!). He is polite, understanding, and compassionate. He is all around a great kid and I hope he never forgets that!

He was the sweet little babe who turned my life around and made me become the mom I am today. I just can't believe that is has been 9 years since that day that changed me forever.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!!

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