Thursday, February 5, 2009

To big for her britches..

My baby is going to be 2 soon (12 more days to be exact). And she has gotten way to big for herself. Just last month she could count to 2. Then Nathaniel played with her for all of a few hours and got her to count to three... Then tonight after her bath I was asking her how old she was, her answer "five". So I said "noooo your one", and held up one finger to show her. Caitlynn then responded by hold up all five fingers and pointing to each in turn said "one, two, three, four, five". ACK... My one year old should NOT be counting to five already!!!! I guess that comes from having 2 big brothers and a big sister to mimic and play with. But when I asked how old she will be on her birthday, she responded very confidently "Elmo". Sigh she has a big Elmo obsession going on. Which is funny because we don't really watch sesame street very often. But she did get an Elmo live doll for Christmas which she loves, and tells everyone "my Elmo"... I guess I need to get to work trying to make an Elmo cake for her birthday !
And in other news she seems to be well on her way to potty training.. Lately she doesn't like to be wearing a diaper often (which kills me because it is winter and well it is cold!). But she doesn't really have accidents, she just holds it.. A few days ago she looked at me yelled "me poop!" and ran upstairs grabbed the potty seat and got on the potty and did her thing... I thought that it was a freak occurrence but this morning she yelled "me poop" again and ran upstairs got on the toilet and peed... I guess the Elmo potty seat is a good incentive LOL . So while I was going to purchase a few more diaper covers for her birthday I guess I will just dig out her sisters trainers and make due with what we got. I don't think she will be in diapers all that much longer.
So all in all my baby is growing up and getting way to big for her britches.

Here are a few pictures of her, growing up before my very eyes..
Her first day at home

just after her first birthday

And now just a few days ago...

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