Wednesday, February 11, 2009

busy busy busy

Well This week has been fun, and busy, and trying, and well just what a week with 4 kiddos is..
Monday we had seriah all day and picked up her sister from school with the boys. We then went home, did homework, ate dinner, played outside.. Then came in had cake and went to bed.. Good day..

Yesterday we were supposed to pick up the boy's friend from school but he was home sick :( I hope he is feeling better. But I got a note From Nathaniel's teacher... He was missing some work he needed in class today (he had taken it home to study). So we cleaned out his desk... which took almost an hour and made plans to do so every Thursday until he starts doing better...There where papers in his desk (graded just not brought home) from THANKSGIVING!...oh my..

Today we have Seriah again, and it is a pretty day out, but wet.... I wish it wasn't wet and muddy out.. oh well.
Oh and lets see over the course of the past 4 days, in the morning Caitlynn has been in panties... she wears panties from the time her night diaper is off until we get ready to go get the boys at 2... she has had a total of 3 accidents over all 4 days... she is so close to being potty trained it isn't even funny... is it wrong for me to be upset that she isn't really a baby anymore? This potty training just seals it in my mind that she really is a full fledged toddler... sigh...
And now b/c I have been slacking here are the pictures from our day sunday!

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