Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a BEAUTIFUL day out!!!

Yesterday was so pretty that the girls and I left the stroller at home and dawdled our way over to get the boys from school...
I love catching them in motion!

You should have heard Caitlynn yelling "wait sissy wait!!!"

She got mad that her shadow was following her :)
Brianna waiting at the corner....
Yes she was dancing :)

Ack... Look she still looks like a baby... I LOVE the way toddler's run....sooo sweet
Poor baby the sun was in her eyes.

Brianna on the other hand it looking wayyyyy older than 3 these days...
Be on the look out for my upcoming posts... We are going to the Natural history museum in Washington DC on Saturday!!!! Should be TONS of fun with lots of pictures!!!!

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