Friday, February 13, 2009

Nothing new here...

Yeah nothing is really new here. We went shopping yesterday and got all sorts of fun stuff, Like elmo panties for Caitlynn. New lunch boxes for the boys (At target they had some on clearance for $1- $3 ). New tight for Brianna (clearance for $0.94) I got some new pants. Oh and I got new dishes!!!! And I LOVE them!! My old dishes had gotten cracked and chipped and the style was retired almost as soon as I got it. Plus as I tried to figure out what I liked in my kitchen I got really tired with blue.... SO I got these dishes.
I love that almost everywhere has similar dishes, at least black and red, so I should be able to pick up what I want to match like platters, serving bowls, and so on and so forth. Yayyy

Oh and Brianna has started letting me play with her hair!!! She requested braids the other day....They were sooo cute she just needs her hair to get a little bit longer!

Today we will be heading to Costco and spending wayyyyy to much money.. :)

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