Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy birthday to you!!!

(this is an older pic. but so cute!)

Tomorrow will be a BIG day here. Not only will my baby turn 2 but Steve will be turning 27!!! Yayyy. We are just going to have a quiet day at home doing nothing... well except for making noodles for Steve and Caitlynn"s favorite dinner of chicken fettucini Alfredo, Yummm! And hopefully I will be making Caitlynn an Elmo cake... She loves Elmo but I am really pissed right now, Steve went to Walmart today and they didn't have red or black icing... and I'm not about to spent $20 on a cake (yes the premade Elmo cake was $20) that I could make for $5 at home... sigh Hopefully we will find the icing at food lion tomorrow, wish us luck!
Here is what my baby will wake up to!!! Twin babies, pots and pans for her kitchen, Princess sippy cups, a pooh bear and 2 Dr. Seuss books. Not to shabby :). And yes I know it is Christmas paper... But she will love it because it has Princesses on it.
Happy birthday guys!!! I love you!!!

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