Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And then she was 2, with elmo???

Well yesterday was the big day!!!

Caitlynn woke up and snuck downstairs, then came back up yelling "my rella, my rella" But amazingly enough she didn't touch her presents..
And she waited patiently for her Brothers to finish getting ready for school.
Then the fun began
She was sooo excited, jumping up and down after each of her presents where opened!
Look everyone checking out her new babies :)This is my FAVORITE shirt....She was Steve's best present ever! I'm sad that it won't fit again next year.

And here is elmo... He turned out pretty good even if he is pink :)
She was sooooooo happy!
Yayy for elmo!!!!I was told I make the BEST elmo cake ever!!


All in all it was a great day!!!!

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