Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snack time!

Well now for post #2 today haha
Well per usual my kiddos always HAVE to have whatever I am eating... today I went to make myself some toast for breakfast.. Then just said forget it and made them their own toast so I could eat mine in peace... Then I thought about it and decided to make it a fun snack..
So they each got a piece of peanut butter toast some shredded coconut and a handful of raisins. Then they were let loose to create their own personal designs.... (Nathaniel not crazy about the coconut quickly gave it away to his siblings)

They were all so busy creating and sampling their creations that they were all happy for at least 10 min! LOL

And now that everyone is fed we are off to get dressed and go play outside and hopefully there will be no rain and we will be out until lunch then we will fire up the grill and have some hot dogs and just keep playing and enjoying our Sunday YAYYYYY!

Oh wait before I forget... MY Aerogarden has bloomed.....

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