Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Garden!

So it is friday again and time to update on the veggie growing around here...First up cucumbers! I can't wait to see some flowers!
Next is Broccoli and I can't wait till we can harvest it!!!
Cauliflower isn't doing to much just growing huge
Then we have Carrots cabbage and our tomato plant. I saw 3 buds on our tomato plant today!!!
Then our tomato plants that we started from seeds... They still have some growing to do!

Then we have blueberry bushes and watermelon :)
Last but not least our bean plants!!!
Last night we harvested some of the beans! They are in the freezer waiting for some more beans to grow

How are your gardens growing???


Michelle said...

Ugh I wish my tomatoes looked like yours! I think the birds ate my leafs :(

Dani said...

When you harvest your broccoli, take a spray bottle and mix water and white vinegar in it and spray the broccoli. We always end up with little worms on our broccoli at my mom's, and the vinegar is the only thing that works for us!

Mhel said...

Oh I envy you!! Ive been wanting to have a kitchen and herb garden, just like Jamie Oliver!! Dropping by from SITS!!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Ah I love gardens. Great post. I have a brown thumb but can appreciate this.

KNB said...

My thumb is black, so all your bounty makes my mouth water! Great gardening! Nice pix, too.

Stopping by from SITS