Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok so I have good intentions and I mean to update on fridays... But Fridays get busy and before you know it it is sunday. So here I am to show you my Garden on this fine fine sunday :). First up cucumbers, I can't wait till they are flowering and growing yummy cucumbers for us!
Our broccolli.. now tell me that doesn't look just yummy!
I have no clue when the cauliflower will start to grow some veggies but the leaves are growing HUGE
Carrots on to then cabbage and a tomatoe plant with 3 little bitty flowers :)
Three more pots of tomato plants!
watermelon Yayyyyy!
And blueberries!
I hope you enjoyed a peek at our garden!


Claire said...

What the heck.. We dug a plot3 years ago & this year, we took out soil & put in all this fertilized organic soil.. Usually that means massive plants! Nothing we have looks anything like yours do.
Ours suck, compared to yours, quite frankly, and our melons died!!
Way to grow, hehe!!

CK said...

Wow! Good job... That broccoli does look good!