Friday, May 14, 2010

Growing Vegetable Soup!

I LOVE our library! They have some of the best "kits" I have seen put together. They have what they call "An Early Literacy Curriculum Module For Infants and Toddlers". I'm pretty sure they are for preschool teachers :). They have a board book, then with it a book of ideas for projects, songs, and activities. This week we choose Growing Vegetable Soup, By Lois Ehlert. This was a wonderful book full of bright illustrations about a child and parent growing everything they need to make vegetable soup! I choose this book because we are already growing our very own vegetable soup garden!
Yesterday we read the book, talked about the veggies growing in our own garden and the things we can do with them when they are grown. This morning we made a paper garden to decorate the kids play area!
We started with blue paper and glued down the "dirt"
Then came all the various veggies
Finally when they were all finished we put up our garden.
Then we went and watered our real garden! The girls had a BLAST with this. They love their garden!! And they are more excited than ever to see our garden grow! If you get a chance (and you have a preschooler/toddler) go check out this book!


Jamie said...

Aww! What a cute little book and craft. :)

Evonne said...

What a cute idea!

Happy SITS Saturday sharefest.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Your kids are really lucky to have such a create mom. Love the idea.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
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Shell said...

How cute! Our library kind of stinks. (

Thanks for visiting on my SITS day last Monday!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

What a great idea! I love it.

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