Monday, May 17, 2010

Our own vegetable soup garden

Ok so my usual Friday post was delayed because I misplaced my camera.... Now I have it back and I can update on our vegetable garden. First up cucumbers!

Then Broccoli and Cauliflower, if you look really closely at the broccoli you will see it has a yellow center, Yup our Broccoli is well on its way!!!! That is the beginnings of our very first head of broccoli!
Then our blueberry bushes!
Our watermelon sprouts in their pots
Then our tomato sprouts that we started from seeds

Then from top to bottom
Cabbage, and a tomato plant (from sprout)
Last but not least our bean plants
and for size here is a bean pod and my hand

Almost ready to harvest!!!


ElizOF said...

Happy SITS Tuesday! What a wonderful piece on your veggy garden. I love that rich purple hue of the cabbage. I miss gardening which I used to do quite a bit several years ago.
I stopped after the deer in my village gave me a run for my money and decimated my garden ... a losing battle; I lost, they won!
Thank you for sharing and those beans look delicious.

Mhel said...
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Mhel said...

Ohh! I envy you!! I always wanted to have a garden for fruits, vegies, and herbs! Like Jamie Oliver's.... Love your garden! Dropping by from SITS!