Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whats for dinner and some new recipes!

I have been trying out some new recipes lately. Things I can make with what we have in the pantry but isn't the same old thing day after day. Most of the time I start looking for recipes by using the ingredient search on I will add in a few things we have. and bring up the results. Sometimes if I notice a lot of the recipes have something common that we don't have I will add that to the list of unwanted ingredients and search again.. How easy! Other times I just browse pioneer woman's website and drool over her pictures :).

So onto the food right! Well I started some sourdough starter a few weeks ago. Super easy. and I have been making at least 2 loaves of sourdough bread (minus the onions) every week. Yumm. I think I am going to try to make some sandwich rolls with it later.. Tomorrow maybe.

Last weekend I made pot roast.... Even my husband who claims to HATE pot roast loved it. Now of course like almost every thing I make I have to substitute ingredients. And just alter the recipe to fit what we have in the house, and what flavors we like. So with this pot roast I used McCormick's Montreal steak seasoning, instead of the salt and pepper.. Now I use this seasoning on everything from steak to chicken to hamburgers.. It is WONDERFUL :). Then because my husband isn't to big on carrots I used potatoes instead. And lastly Before I stuck it all in the oven I put a layer of bacon over the roast and sprinkled that with more Montreal steak seasoning...Then my 4 pound roast went into the oven for 4 hours at 275 degrees.... Oh my goodness it was so good! We will be making this again!

Yesterday for dinner we had "ground beef and biscuits" It was really really good! I did not use the peas (we didn't have any) and I used 2 cups of spaghetti sauce instead of canned tomato sauce. WOW.. so simple and so good. Everyone except Nathaniel had seconds Brianna even had thirds.. I have plans for this recipe also.. I'm thinking using enchilada sauce instead of tomato/spaghetti sauce. Or doing chicken and broccoli in an Alfredo sauce topped with biscuits and cheese... Yummm!!

I did happen to make one recipe this week that I didn't substitute or change any ingredients in.. It was Macaroni and Cheese. And it was good! It was also a fairly easy homemade mac & cheese which is always good! We had green beans and little smokies with it. And we had NO leftovers LOL.

Now I need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight! Help!!!!

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