Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Brianna!!!!

Brianna... It is hard to believe that my sweet little baby girl is turning 4 today. Brianna she is a spunky little girl who is a bit of a bully sometimes. But all princess at other times. You can definitely tell that she has 2 older brothers. She loves to dress up with her sister and play princesses and have tea parties. She also loves to play Star Wars, Pokemon and video games with her brothers. Today she woke up to a pile of presents to open! She got some princess card games. Princess bingo, a tinkerbell doll, a new princess leapster game. And her very own pink leapster!
And she had her birthday present from Grandma and Pa-Pa. A few new dresses, a pretty outfit, some hair pretties, camis and socks! She had a wonderful morning opening presents ..She requested lasanga for dinner and I am getting ready to go frost her cake! yayyy!!!

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