Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goin' to the circus!!!

On Friday we took a trip to the circus!!!It was fun, Brianna LOVED the tigers
Caitlynn was all about the elephants... She calls them "the newwwws" (that is what she thinks they sound like LOL)
Yes I took to many pictures in the car but hey what ever makes them happy right :)
Or not so happy sometimes
Yes the girls are ADORABLE in their matching dresses
And the boys LOVED the motorcycles
And the tigers
And the trapeze artists.. And yes they were pirates on the way to the circus
Waiting in line!!!
no pictures if you please!
MMMM enjoying a yummy lunch

We were up HIGH!!!!
I love her goofy face!!!

Ok sorry not many pictures in the actual circus... but yeah it was AWESOME the kids were thrilled.. And guess what ... Caitlynn stayed dry the ENTIRE time.... Yup we have said goodbye to diapers Yayyyyy!!! ... Now what am I going to do... I have had someone in diapers here for the last 9 years....LOL..

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