Saturday, April 4, 2009

Missing in action..

It has been a while huh?... Well The only thing I can say is, We have been sick here. It started last week. Friday Alex was sent home early from school with a fever and and upset tummy. He was fine as soon as he got home. So I just figured it was nothing. Then on Saturday night Caitlynn woke up in the middle of the night with a bit of a fever. By morning the fever was gone and she seemed to be back to normal. Everyone was fine Sunday. Monday I started to feel unwell. By Tuesday I was running a fever... anything between 101, and 102. Not to high easily controlled with Tylenol. (thank goodness the boys didn't have school on Tuesday)But enough to make me so "out of it". I couldn't remember details of a phone conversation I had with my mom. Tuesday night my fever broke. And then came the sinus stuff.. I have had a sinus headache since Wednesday morning. Thursday Caitlynn started running a fever again. It never got higher than 100.8. It was easily controlled by Motrin. When she was up She was just fine... But if she sat down she was asleep almost instantly. I am happy to report that we are ALL feeling better now.

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