Thursday, November 13, 2008

A trip to school

All this week the boys school has had a guest speaker, and author who write some pretty funny children's books. They have been reading his books in the classes preparing for his visit and so on and so forth. Well yesterday he was kind enough to have one last presentation at night, for parents and siblings. The Author was Jarrett Krosoczka.
He spoke to the children about how he became an author, how to go about getting a book published, and most importantly not to give up or get discouraged if someone turns you down. Last night in his presentation he asked the kids what the remembered from the presentations they heard during the school day. And of course Alex raised his hand. Mr. Krosoczka said "you sir what do you remember?" Alex responds with "My name is Alex actually" and then he continued with what he remembered from the presentation he heard .... Hubby and I were almost rolling on the floor though... Then he tried to show everyone the publishing/ printing process, he asked for volunteers. Alex was again chosen, he was to be the printer, and it was pointed out that the desk he was at was "way over there in china". Yeah hubby and I were rolling again. but let me tell you I have never seen the kids so interested in writing stories, by the time we came home they were brimming with ideas. And ready to write and draw them out....I feel bad that it was bedtime.. But I am sure I will have a veritable library when they get home. I think this may be just what they need for Christmas......

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